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Our Vision Is To
Democratise Bitcoin Mining

We don’t settle for less, meet
our team of A-players

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I love working at Epic Mining because of its culture, good relationships with colleagues, and supportive management. I enjoy the collaborative environment in my workplace.

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Epic Mining gives the opportunity to reach the maximum potential inside yourself, and by working as a team.

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To help people make it easier, more reliable and accessible to setup their own Bitcoin mining farm, so they can earn passive income daily.

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Jay Ann

This company has a good environment, great organization and positive colleagues. This is the company where you can trust, invest your skills and discover your potentials. Grow together and mine every goals with the help of the team and superiors.

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I've found I work best in a collaborative environment. A sphere where I can showcase my skills and grow even more everyday. So much happy working with this extraordinary team.

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If you want to work hard, play hard, challenge yourself, and wish to have some fun, it's time to pull the trigger; this is the place for you.

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Epic Mining is a great place to grow for yourself, the team and the goals of the company. I love the space we have for new ideas and creativity. And ofcourse the great culture!

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I love working at Epic Mining because you get better every single day. Your skills are tested, you face challenges, and you work alongside incredibly smart individuals. This is all a recipe to help you become the best at what you do.

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What makes working at Epic Mining enjoyable is that everyone is always willing to help each other both professionally and personally, everyone is focused on self-development through reading, and a healthy, active lifestyle is the norm.

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Feel like you want to be part of this team?

Find here our career page
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Why we do what we do

Our mission is to make bitcoin mining easy, accessible and profitable for investors from all around the world. In order to do so we have created 8 strong company values to make sure we can easily achieve our mission , and excel as a team.

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We base our decisions on the right data and use our intuition to make wise decisions. We look beyond symptoms to identify long term solutions to solve complex issues.

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We are a team. We want to stay humble and open-minded and value each other’s great ideas. We help and motivate each other to grow and to succeed.

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You have the courage to be open about (possible) failures, give and take feedback from and to your colleagues.

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We value each other’s perspectives and that is why we listen well and seek to understand before responding. We adapt and react calmly, and do not let emotions dominate in our communication style(s).

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We admit mistakes openly and share those to learn from them. We share our learnings and we act with the right intent and trust our colleagues to do the same.

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We care about the mission and vision of the success of EM. We strive to inspire others and are excited about the work we do.

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We constantly strive to innovate. Make sure you share your (wildest) ideas, challenge the status quo and feel the drive to always become better.

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We want to keep and create a learning culture. We are eager to learn from each other, to constantly improve ourselves and to find out new perspectives.

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Last but not least.. A few words from our founder

Hi there,

Let me briefly introduce myself. My name is Mitchell Weijerman and I am the founder of Epic Mining. I created Epic Mining a few years ago, as a way to democratize the Bitcoin Mining space. To make bitcoin mining accessible for anyone we need to have a great team of A-players to make this possible. I love the culture we are building together where all of us want to grow, want to excel in what they do and work together to revolutionize the bitcoin mining space. If you like to be part of a fast growing company and team, then you might be at the right place!

We are always looking for the best talents, so feel free to send in an open application.