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The world’s energy consumption is showing an increasing trend over the past years. The Bitcoin mining industry is one of the sectors that is consuming a lot of energy. As Bitcoin is reaching mass adoption, more and more miners are entering the industry. At the same time suppliers are creating more powerful mining machines, which require more energy to perform. One of the largest efficiency losses in mining is due to the heating of the equipment during the mining process. Well, supplier have finally developed a great solution to counter this issue and to amp up the performance of the miners. This method is know as immersion cooling.

Bitcoin mining suppliers have been experimenting with immersion cooling since 2006. However, it became more popular in the industry around 2016. This chemically engineered process involves safely setting up your Bitcoin Mining machine within the confinement of a container with fluids that will help regulate the temperature of your Bitcoin Miner. This setup is very technical and requires the expertise of specialists with extensive knowledge of the mechanics of the set-up and the appropriate fluid to fill the container with. We at Epic mining have the access to this technology and we can implement it for your mining operations. Just contact us by clicking here and let us help you mine the crypto you want at a more profitable and regulated rate.

Bitcoin miners Immersed in a Cooling fluid

In this present time, Immersion cooling has evolved into various types with their respective pros and cons according to their application needs. The advanced technology of immersion cooling involves the reduction of heat components using a dielectric liquid that absorbs the heat source by convection and releases it to the environment through either a single-phase or two-phase system. This technology has proven to be the future advancement of bitcoin mining. 

Bitcoin Mining 

Mining is the process through which new Bitcoin are created. Put in simple terms, mining is the verification of Bitcoin transaction by the Bitcoin network. This verification is done by special Bitcoin mining hardware. These miners are rewarded for investing their resources (time, money and energy) with new Bitcoin. Depending on the purchase price of the Bitcoin mining equipment and the energy costs, it is possible to make a fortune with mining.

Curious how much income you can generate with Bitcoin mining? Well, we created a simple to using mining rewards calculator. With a few clicks you can see an estimation of the rewards your (future) machines can generate.

Immersion Cooling for Bitcoin Miners

Mining rigs are usually constructed with fans of high velocity that generate airflow across the ASIC’s internal components to actively cool the hash boards. Miners also focus on providing cooling systems for the mining rigs with lesser cost value. One of the traditional and simple methods of managing the heat in mining rigs is air cooling. This method makes use of ventilation fans and ordinary, atmospheric air. 

Another method that is used is immersion cooling. This method makes use of circulation pumps and special liquids designed to enhance the performance of the electronic components. This method is practised by completely submerging the mining rig in a thermally-conductive liquid with greater insulating properties than ordinary air. This is a very effective way to enhance greater heat removal from the always hot mining rig. This can also promote the efficiency of a mining rig by expanding the bitcoin mining period and also enhancing optimal temperature.

Pros of Immersion Cooling 

Immersion cooling has some advantages compared to air-cooledbitcoin mining and it is important to understand the advantages of immersion compared to the air cooling method. Some of these advantages are: 

  • It has a more effective heat dissipation; the fluids used for the cooling process during immersion cooling are called dielectric coolants and they are more thermally conductive than dense air. This makes them better at absorbing heat and moving it quickly away from the miners.


  • It has an increased hardware lifespan; the lifespan of hardware can be degraded due to rapid temperature and small vibrations but the immersion cooling greatly reduces both of these because the fluid temperature is more stable than that of the air cooling and fans which on the other hand produces the vibration in the air.


  • It has better operating conditions; the immersion fluids help prevent debris and dust from entering the hardware thereby decreasing cleaning and maintenance requirements. Also, the removal of the fans and density of the fluid practically eliminates the noise which can be defined for miners in has safer overclocking; the more efficient dissipation of heat and operating conditions in the immersion cooling method also enable miners to overclock their machines to a very significant degree.


  • It helps make more money; immersion cooling can also help you make a significant amount of money. You are paying a lot of money for maintenance. If you want to save that money you spend on maintenance and keep your mining rigs as fresh as possible. One of the best ways to do it is to make use of the immersion cooling because it also helps maintain your miner.

All these pros show that immersion is superior to air cooling.

Cons of Immersion Cooling 

Although immersion cooling has these advantages there are also some disadvantages to this method. Some of these disadvantages are:

  • The complexity of the operation; it is somewhat complicated to set up an immersion cooling operation in your mining facility. You would need a professional team to help you set it up if you have not. You would also need to find the right equipment to perform an immersion cooling process.


  • Cost of installation; another disadvantage of this method is the installation cost. Although it can help you save money down the road, it can also cost of lot initially. Buying immersion cooling equipment can be expensive and you also need the help of team professionals who can help you find the right products.


  • The liquid solutions; this is another part of the immersion cooling that needs careful decision making. You will have varieties of options available and you need to make sure you select the right solution to make use of for the immersion cooling.  Fortunately, there are many solutions you can choose from that are perfect for electronic equipment.


  • Equipment failure; A well-executed immersion can be incredible, however, sometimes a spare part can fail and this failure can lead to subsequent damage to the machine.      

Although the air cooling method might seen easier and quicker to set up. It comes with its trade-off that individuals should seriously be looking into before engaging in mining. Before you decide on if immersion cooling is a good option to use for your bitcoin activities, you have to take your time to consider these pros and cons. You should play them carefully along with each other and see what is best for you.


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