The Adoption of Bitcoin Over the Past Decade

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Bitcoin is a digital currency that allows people to transfer value over a peer-to-peer network known as the blockchain. On the blockchain network transactions cannot be interfered with by banks or unwanted third parties. For this reason and several others, Bitcoin has slowly been adopted by establishments and platforms around the world, gaining the trust of the mass public as it evolves. It has provided an easy decentralized means of transferring value that can be verified within minutes.

The Invention of Bitcoin by Satoshi Nakamoto

The first bitcoins ever were mined and transferred by Satoshi Nakamoto, an unknown alias that has not been physically verified to date. Satoshi was the founder and creator of the Bitcoin protocol. He created this protocol with the purpose to become the world’s best decentralised currency. At the time little to no one knew about Bitcoins or their potential, and only one method could be used to acquire them. Satoshi Nakamoto was the one who first implemented the use of a regular CPU (Central Processing Unit) for mining blocks of bitcoins successfully.

With a foot ahead of others, Satoshi Nakamoto has been able to accumulate a large amount of Bitcoins. The number of Bitcoins estimated to be in his possession is around 1 million Bitcoins or more. With that amount of bitcoin at one person’s disposal, a life of relaxation is guaranteed. However, a million Bitcoins are still stuck in Satoshi’s wallet and have never moved. Satoshi has also mysteriously disappeared. Where did this anonymous founder of Bitcoin go? No one really knows.

The Adoption of Bitcoin over the past decade

Bitcoin’s flexibility has given it an edge over other forms of transfer. It is no surprise that many businesses like PayPal, Microsoft, Starbuck, and Home Depot, among a few others, have adopted it as a valid payment method. But these platforms were not the first to see Bitcoin’s potential. Bitcoin’s first official exchange was made when someone bought a box of pizza with the digital currency.

Within the short time frame Bitcoin slowly gained the trust of people around, and it proved itself to be a highly profitable and volatile currency. El Salvador is one country that trusted bitcoin so much that they adopted it as a legal tender and moved further to plan to build the first Cryptocurrency-based city in the world. A bold step that many have not taken but will surely follow as the pioneer of Cryptocurrency continues to add value.

The Future of Bitcoin

Bitcoin as a Cryptocurrency has taken on the role of a leader for some other Cryptocurrencies. This can be noticed in the similarities between the charts of Cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Litecoin against that of Bitcoins. This reminds us of how dominant the pioneer cryptocurrency is. It remains the most expensive Cryptocurrency to acquire and it has maintained that spot for a very long time.

And even though Bitcoins may have drawn the attention of government officials who have placed laws to aid or stunt its growth within their jurisdiction. They continue to spread across the world as people lay claim to them. It has created a community that is aware of its value and strives to increase it. We at Epic Mining are proud to be a member of this community, playing our part by providing clients with ASIC miners that help sustain the Bitcoin network.

Bitcoin has shown great promise. To many people, it remains a secure and profitable means of transferring and storing value. For this reason, Bitcoins will most likely continue to increase its users as time passes, especially in the mining sector of Cryptocurrency. And so therefore its value will increase too.

Most investors came into the new year with expectations that bitcoin will attain $100,000 already. Although the year hasn’t run out, Bitcoin has shown little signs of an uptrend anytime soon. Its price continues to range while it makes headlines on the news. One of the most recent headlines is an upgrade on the ASIC mining machines that help investors mine more Bitcoins from the blockchain network. This new upgrade which was brought about by Intel is expected to reduce the energy consumption of Bitcoin miners while increasing their hash rate. If this method can be implemented with no setbacks, the Crypto mining community will experience an increase in profitability.

Miners will make big Profits

Bitcoin mining is done using Bitcoin Miners to process blocks of bitcoin transactions on the blockchain network. By doing so miners help verify the authenticity of transactions that go through the blockchain every day. Mining bitcoins can be done most effectively with the use of an ASIC mining device. They are designed to focus 100% of their processing power on the task of mining one cryptocurrency. Miners are also rewarded with a share of daily rewards after a successful day of mining blocks of bitcoin transactions.

Mining is an activity that is very essential in maintaining the circulation of Bitcoins in the crypto community. It helps sustain the blockchain network and therefore cannot be ignored. Mining is one sector of Bitcoins that has maintained a lower risk of loss is Bitcoin Mining. It is a profitable venture that requires little to no knowledge from an investor. With a Bitcoin miner to access the blockchain network, you can begin mining almost immediately. Epic Mining is a distribution company that focuses on the sustainability of Bitcoins. We do this with the use of Bitcoin MIners while maintaining a substantial level of profit for our clients. Mining remains an essential means of sustaining the circulation of Bitcoins. But it requires a lot of attention to function at a profitable capacity. We at Epic Mining provide the different mining services you require to achieve a successful mining project, and you can easily find out about them when you click here and message us. Expect that once you’ve registered and gotten all the paperwork out of the way, we at Epic Mining will install your Bitcoin miner and ensure it is fully operational before we leave the machine to do its job while you receive your share of the daily bitcoin rewards.

How to Get Started with Bitcoin Mining

Getting started with bitcoin mining is as easy as clicking here. We at Epic Mining will put you through the process within one minute. All you require is a bitcoin wallet address and we will do the rest once all the paperwork is out the way.

To start with bitcoin mining you require a bitcoin mining device. Preferably one with an ASIC that can provide higher hashing power and consume less energy. After acquiring the ASIC bitcoin miner, you can then connect to any mining pool on a mining platform and participate in mining bitcoins as fast as your bitcoin miner can function.



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